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The World War II Era Ford Family - Rare Indeed

During World War II Ford’s vehicles didn’t change much – if you could even find one. If you got a V8, it would have been the 24-stud, 100hp flathead V8.  The six cylinder motor was a flathead motor as well measuring 225.8 cubic inches and producing 90 horse power.   

There were many body styles offered for those years, two-door coupes, two-door sedans, four-door sedans, three-door sedan delivery, and two convertibles. A station wagon (woody) is the most distinguishable. The most collectable is the “sportsman” convertible which began as a stock convertible with a section of the rear sheet metal cut away, replaced by a steel skeleton.  To this was fitted the wood framing, made from solid wood blocks and mitered together with hand crafted precision. The doors and deck lid were made the same way. The '46 rear fenders didn't match the wooden trunk lid's new curvature, but '41 sedan delivery rear fenders with '41 taillights did.

Production was very low with 1208 units were made for 1946, followed by 2250 units in '47, followed by 28 (serialized '47's).  Denny had one of these in the early ‘50s in his collection of old cars. Fords still had the enclosed drive shaft with a three speed column shift transmission. 1948 would be the last of this style flat head V8 motor and the two spring (crossover) spring suspension.

The woody station wagon is also a sought after model of those years. There are car shows across the USA that cater to those models only.  Many other manufactured models are very popular also, and participate in these “woody” only gatherings.

The coupes have a “short door” and a “long door” version.  The business coupe with no back seat, was the short door and the regular coupe had the long door.  1946 was the post war recovery years.  Ford's sales motto for those years was “There's a Ford in your Future”

Any and all models of these three years are a very sought after both in a stock condition or a hot rod version. In many cases the hot rod or altered versions bring considerably more money.  People like to have modern power plants, automatic transmissions, power steering, AC and newer suspensions.  These cars are truly more fun, and more reliable on long drives.  As with any of the manufactured cars, you need to choose your model carefully, before you modify it, to get the most out of your investment.

Best of luck, Henry


Denny DuVall

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