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1942 Fords - Catch One if you Can

Neither Denny or I have ever seen a '42 Ford. As a result both of us believed that because of World War II, there was no cars produced after 1941. Well guess what, Ford did produce a '42 Ford. They were introduced on September 12, 1941. Production halted on February 10,1942. Any cars produced after that were spirited away to government warehouses, or turned over to the military.

1942 Ford Sedan

Only 160,432 units were made, making this the lowest production year for Ford since 1910.  Chrome couldn't be used except on bumpers and grills because nickel and copper were on the limited supply list.  Ford used zinc plate on trim with varnish over it.  Hubcaps were made of stainless steel. This actually was a quality improvement.  After December 31 all trim had to be painted, or plastic covered, even if it was already chrome or stainless. This was so no make would have an advantage over another. Ford painted its trim a tan color. Ugly as they looked the “blackout” models are a highly collectable now for their rarity. If you find one it better be complete, because parts for a '42 won't be an easy find.

1942 Ford in Military Scheme

Ford's more massive look for '42 merely followed an industry trend started by style leader General Motors that was seen in Chevrolets and other GM cars. This trend was also seen in Plymouths.

Times were a changing.  Ford's door now flared out over the running boards and rubber stone guards adorned the rear fenders.  Splash pans were placed between the wider bumpers and the body. Tail lights were now a horizontal oval.

The '42 was a transitional model of things to come.    Many of the '42 traits would become evident in Ford's cars for 1946 through 1948. Do you remember the advertising motto for the '46 to '48 Ford's? -------- “There is a Ford in your future!”   See Ya next issue-------Henry