0030 - Tri-Five Chevrolet - The History, The Story

Possibly the most collectible and modifyable of all classic cars and certainly one of the most collectible classic cars of all time, the 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevrolet models broke major new ground when it was introduced selling over a 1.5 million copies in just three years.

Today it may be the most popular collector car ever and popular with those who want to restore them but also those who want to modify them. From hot rods to pro street to resto mods to restored originals the Tri-Five Chevy remains a classic car icon. People love the sedans, the fuelies, the sedan deliveries, the Nomads, the Bel Airs and all iterations of this iconic classic.

The original car was designed under the auspices of the famous Harley Earle with Ed Cole heading up the engineering. Definitely a standard of GM excellence in the mid century modern era. The ground-breaking small block Chevrolet V8 set the standard for years to come to today's Corvette engine.


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