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1934 Ford Pickup - wine country hauler

The 1934 Ford line represented a zenith of development to the point where the cars and trucks produced that year proved very popular and quite reliable. While these facts were certainly a reason the American buying public loved these cars so much but they also engendered celebrity endorsement. But, for whatever reason, Henry Ford chose not to publicize the endorsement of a particular celebrity of his 1934 Ford. 

Product endorsements can really sway the general public in their buying decisions and this was someone who was grabbing headlines left and right with a surprisingly huge following that could have brought even more sales in the Depression for Ford. Henry Ford was often criticized for his odd thinking but it’s probably wiser that Ford decided not to openly publicize the letter of praise he received from Clyde Barrow of his 1934 cars’ reliability. Oh, if you recognize that name today you might know him as the male half of the famed duo Bonnie and Clyde. 

There’s nothing criminal about this week’s featured ride, a 1934 Ford pickup truck with a matching trailer. The pickup belongs to the same creative owner as the 1956 El Camino 60th anniversary tribute car we’ve featured in the past. Joe Colabella has had a lot of work done on the ‘34 to make it what it is today. He describes a few of the many mods in the truck. And we've talked about the 1934 Ford in the past as well. 

“1934 Ford Ford Pickup with matching trailer-Merlot with Black Fenders-steel body cab and trailer with fiber glass fenders, chopped roof with double sunroof, dropped front axle w/disc brakes, 350 Chevrolet V8 bored over to 355’, four-barrel Edelbrock on Wiegand intake, performance street cam, four bolt main block,  TH350 trans, Ford 9' rear end, Lokar shifter w/vintage hand brake, 86 Corvette tile/telescopic steering column, tinted glass, Sony AM/FM CD player, six matching Bilet wheels on truck and trailer, Painless wiring, new carpet, dual exhaust (even out the back of the trailer), Oak and stainless bed, carpeted trailer bed with vinyl tonneau, plus the truck has a matching trailer that duplicates the custom bed on the pick up with matching wheels.” 

Whew! Wait, did you catch the part about dual tailpipes on the trailer as well? Yep, Joe’s pretty meticulous about the cool factor on his customs. 

Joe’s no stranger to having some of the coolest trucks around. In addition to the ’56 EL Camino tribute and this truck with its matching trailer, he’s got a few other surprises we’ll see in the coming weeks that are pretty fun customs. 

This would be a great truck for a winery to have with their logo on it and could be used for winery events. The fact that it’s painted merlot makes it a natural and Joe’s actually looking for a new home for this combination. Probably so more other interesting machines can find their way to his garage. Perhaps, machines we’ll have in future articles. Perhaps. 

When you think that this truck was in the showroom new at a time when the country was in a great depression and a criminal was one of the biggest celebrities around the change that have happened since those days is incredible. This truck is a great tribute to those days gone by while also sporting some of the best of today. For those interested, Joe is selling the truck and I would be happy to share your information with Joe if you’re interested - just fill out the contact us form. 

But I strongly advise against a life of crime that’s worth of the headlines, even if you’ve always wanted to endorse a product like the ’34 Ford. Years of good living have helped this ’34 Ford run much longer than its stablemate at the hands of a famous fan.