0039 - Henry Ford - a great pioneer with a darker side

Henry Ford is the man credited with inventing the assembly line although he actually didn't, but what he did do is convert the automobile from a niche product that only enthusiasts and the very wealthy could enjoy into something that transformed the landscape of the US and so many other countries. He also set new standards for pay for the American worker but there was also a very dark side to the man, with racist tendencies that were so extreme that he was awarded by the Nazis. Join Jim Cherry and Tony Barthel as they look back in history at a man whose greatness touched all of our lives and whose dark side almost spelled the end of the Ford Motor Company. The Curbside Car Show podcast is released each Friday at 8am and is a fun look at the world of vintage cars. You can find out more at www.curbside.tv


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Tony Barthel

Tony Barthel has been writing articles and blogs since 1996 with reviews of new cars, stories about old cars and the people who love them and finding the best car shows around for the Curbside car show calendar. He is also author of a book on event planning and public speaker on business and tourism marketing plus a YouTube creator of travel videos. Tony loves RVing and is the co-publisher of the StressLess Camping blog.