0020 - 1963-67 Corvette podcast

The Chevrolet Corvette from 1963-67 was one of the most ground-breaking performance cars of the 1960s and absolutely showed the passion and leadership by General Motors and the people at the company. This iconic car is still a strong collectible car today for good reason. Jim and Tony discuss the car, the history and why it's such a great vehicle to have in your collection.

You can see the corresponding article along with a bunch of photos in Cherry Classics.


Tony Barthel

Tony Barthel has been writing articles and blogs since 1996 with reviews of new cars, stories about old cars and the people who love them and finding the best car shows around for the Curbside car show calendar. He is also author of a book on event planning and public speaker on business and tourism marketing plus a YouTube creator of travel videos. Tony loves RVing and is the co-publisher of the StressLess Camping blog.