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Gilmore Heritage Auto Show 2018

Every first Saturday in June, Los Angeles’ original Farmers’ Market hosts a themed car show beside its cafés, stalls of produce, and souvenir shops. Recent years’ featured marques have included Studebaker’s Avanti and Ford’s Mustang, but for 2018 the twenty-fourth annual show presented something entirely different, the classic Southern California low rider. Titled “Low and Slow” this offered a rare chance to see these tiny wheeled showboats glistening outdoors in warm Calfornia sunshine where they belong. 

Though the Gilmore Show emphasizes a different style car each year, featured cars comprise less than half of the autos on display. Invariably, the remainder are a wildly eclectic bunch. This year everything from a restored Dodge woody to a limited production Ghia GS-1 coupe, a Delorean, and a Model T Ford showed up. 

This free, family style show invariably offers surprises alongside the expected vintage Corvettes and Thunderbirds. This year those included a regal 1930s Imperial, a 1957 Desoto Sportsman, and a limited production 1957 Lincoln Continental Mk II.

Presentations like the annual Gilmore Auto Show are helpful to the classic car hobby as they display these priceless classics to a general public that normally might not attend such a gathering. The crowd this year was as large and enthusiastic as usual, a good sign for the continued viability of the classic car hobby. 

Photos and article by Jim Cherry

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