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25th annual Rodeo Drive Concours

Every Father’s day, Beverly Hills famed Rodeo Drive shuts down to become the world’s most exotic thorofare populated by some of the world’s most precious metals. Usually, there’s a featured marque like Ferrari, but, as this 25th anniversary year, the theme was silver, a color uniquel suited to enhance the slippery shapes on display. 

Cars that never see another show emerge from ritzy Beverly Hill garages to grace the exclusive shopping street every June. As chairman of the event Bruce Meyers put it, “As interest has grown over the last quarter century, owners of world class classic and sports cars have specifically chosen our concours to display their prized vehicles.” 

Dazzling precious silver on display included a 1953 Fiat 8V limited production couple, Corvette Stingray split window, Porsche 356A, 1938 Hispano-Suiza one-off, an aluminum bodied 1950 Jaguar 120, a 1953 Nash Healy, and on, and on. 

With its eclectic mix of classics that always includes some extremely rare surpises, this free show is not to be missed for anyone in the Los Angeles area.

By Jim Cherry