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Passion Aroused

Chevrolet Nomad.JPG

I look upon your presence, formed out of the ore that lies deep within the earth. You stand silently, displayed in every color of the rainbow as you line the streets of countless cities and rural towns. Revered and even worshiped, much effort is spent to obtain and even care for you. Though the simplest terms define you as a beast of burden, men build monuments in your honor while human emotion flows in your direction. As a rite of passage you have served well, for we have all asked once to borrow the keys.

Through human voice and the writer’s pen came legends of magic carpets and those who once traveled upon them. You, however, who wear the names of the animal kingdom, are reality. The human spirit flies as you move across the surface of the earth at speeds far exceeding the efforts of flesh and bone.

Anger, pride, and joy all find their voice in the thundering roar technology provides you. With your eyes of fire and glass, I see into the night and sometimes wonder what you see. But, all you know, feel, and see is really only a part of me. Yet, I depend on you and feel betrayed when you fail to awake, leaving me to my own natural abilities.

When I pause to reflect, you are always there; the lowly servant traveling across my oldest memories, be they of youthful expression or family, you always played a part. Family vacations, ball games, fishing trips, drive-in movies, college, and military service would have all been quite different without you. And as always, whenever you are at rest, be it in a garage, a driveway or resting at curbside, you are ready at a moments notice for what ever labor you are given to preform. Though your form has changed through the years, you are still the same to me. For when the work is all done, we share a love; the love for the open road, where new adventures are waiting just beyond the horizon. The endearment felt for you, my friend, is beyond words.

However, there is one thing you need to know. Though the sun has cast your shadow for only a few short years and the endearment felt for you is beyond words, the new year models will soon arrive upon the showrooms of the world. They will expose their sleek, new bodies and the tide of human passion will be quick to notice.

Once again, with passion aroused, there will be many quickly drawn away, captivated by the scent found only in the latest models. Center stage will then belong to another. 

Our sincere thanks to Patrick Killary for sharing this vision of our passion with the automobile. If you would like to submit a story to be featured on Curbside, contact us