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The 1941 Ford - The Last of Its Kind

1941 was to be the last year of production cars to be sold to the public due to the war effort from 1942 through 1945. Ford devoted all its efforts to vehicles for the armed services. Any cars between 1942 to 1945 were vehicles that were made for the military and would also look like a 1941 Ford.  

1941 would enter in the “Jeep”. This was a four wheel drive vehicle that became very famous during World War ][. It is the forefather of all Jeep vehicles that are produced today. Willys also produced the same vehicle. All exterior parts on the (¼ ton) Jeep made by Ford had an “F” stamped on them. Jeeps made by Ford bring more money in the restoration market than ones produced by Willys (no, I don't know why).

1941 was also the year that the UAW became involved with the production of Ford cars. Ford had a new frame with bigger shocks and longer springs. The motor had a removable cam gear. The top on convertibles was now moved via electric motors rather than the vacuum motors used in earlier years. '32 through '38 motors were 21-stud motors, changing in late '38 to 24-stud motors. The '41 was still rated at 85 horse power. Trucks offered a 85 and a 95 horse power motor. A light duty four-cylinder motor was offered in the half ton trucks. The '41 half ton trucks and the sedan delivery looked like '40 “standard” cars. The bigger trucks used a different hood, grill and front fenders.

Aninteresting note about all '41 cars. They had a tail light assembly that was different than any previous years of Fords. This identical tail light was use on 1948 through 1956 Ford Panel Trucks! I, Henry, have those very same tail lights. The 1941 Ford passenger cars were to become the transformation of what Ford cars would look like for '46, 47, and '48. Denny and I both favor the '46 through '48 cars over the '41 in the looks department. This again is subject to the individuals taste. 

The answers to last editions’ questions are as follows

How many spokes on a '32 Ford wheel ? 32

What year did Ford offer a full automatic transmission? 1951

What year did Ford offer a tudor hardtop? 1951

What year did Ford go to an overhead valve motor? 1952 for the six-cylinder engine, 1954 for the V8. 

See you in the next issue, Henry

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