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Stories about vintage cars, hot rods, classic cars, classic trucks, resto mods and other cars and the people who care for them. 

The Incredible Cobra

When you mention the word “Cobra” to any autonut, there’s a good chance that you’ll induce drooling and heart palpitations of epic proportion. The Cobra is truly a magical machine in so many people’s eyes, so much so that you can still buy replicas of a car that effectively ceased production in 1967. 

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2015 Dodge Journey review

Recently I got to spend a week with the 2015 Dodge Journey SXT. While the car is certainly likable enough, there is an omission by Chrysler that is such a big deal to me, they might as well not have put brakes on the car. Find out what's at the top of my wish list of safety features for the 2015 Dodge Journey SXT. 

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1956 Chevrolet El Camino 60th Anniversary Custom

While the Chevrolet El Camino has been out of production since the days when Love Shack was topping the charts, that doesn't mean that plenty of people don't still love the idea of a car-based pickup and this 1956 Chevrolet El Camino is a well done custom tribute to the brand along with a beautiful tribute to the 60th anniversary of the tri-five Chevy. 

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Saving the Davis Divan

After World War ][ there was a tremendous amount of engineering and manufacturing talent combined with a huge demand for new vehicles. While Detroit automakers were busy converting their production lines back to building vehicles, a number of others thought they had a better idea.  This is the story of resurrecting one of the creative ideas of visionary and possible huckster Gary Davis and the Davis Divan. 

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