My Car Story

1961 Corvair Lakewood

In 1960 Chevrolet came out with a new kind of small car that proved to be very, very popular, but not with the audience Chevrolet intended. This week we feature a rare Corvair Lakewood wagon and tell why this car was not the hit Chevrolet had thought it would be. 

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1965 Rambler Marlin

The 1965 Rambler Marlin came out to go head-to-head with the Mustang and Barracuda, but meddling by inept corporate management doomed the car. Still, today it's a unique machine that keeps people guessing at car shows and we've got a beautiful example on the Curbside. 

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Jet-powered Volkswagen New Beetle

I have no idea how many points the jet adds in the game of Slug Bug to this Volkswagen Beetle, but it absolutely adds a cool factor no Beetle has had before or since. Come along for a wild ride in a street-legal car with afterburners and a cute face. 

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