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The Curbside Car Show Calendar and Automotive Blog may be the perfect place to share the message about your business.  You'll notice that I prioritize easy reading and content but have left space for some great advertisers. 

I offer a variety of packages to accommodate your vision and budget including:

Sponsored Car Show Listing

Have your car show listed in our rotating "highlighted" car shows. This appears on almost every page of the site and encourages more people to be aware of your car show. Since I know that car shows are often fund raiser, this feature is a scant $25, period. Not bad, eh? 

Featured Advertiser

Have your advertisement in our rotating field on every page.  Each advertiser is displayed for an equal length of time in a rotating series and there will not be more than 10 of these. Presently rates are $50/month or $250 for six months. These ads are 200 pixels wide by 290 pixels tall. 

Curbside Patron.

These ads are fixed display ads on every page and a very few of these are available as I want to maintain the simple appearance of this site.  Ads can either be 200 pixels wide by 290 tall for $100/month or 200 x 200 for $75. Right now I am using Google Ads for this space. 

Curbside Partner

This is a deluxe package that includes an ad in the rotating field on every page as well as mention in our weekly email newsletter that goes to about 1200 people per week. Because of how closely I protect my email recipients, these ads are $250/month. 

Custom Solution

I can help you create a custom solution as well that could include video, animation or whatever you like. For example, the Lake County Chamber ad at the bottom of this page is a custom animation that I created. You can contact me using the form below. I'll be happy to hear from you. 

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