Lakeside Hot Car and Boat Show - Vendor Request Form

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We are looking for the best vendors to be part of our show on Saturday, August 13, 2016. Our goal is to have the coolest and also the most local products and services around represented here. We will start at 8am and conclude at 3pm in Library Park in Lakeport, CA. What we will provide is some open space - you provide everything else. We also hope for 1,000-2,000 people during the day. Because the vendors will be juried (in other words, Tony & Dave say yes or no) there will only be one of each kind of vendor so all you have to do is be awesome and smile and have great stuff. 

Our present vendor and check-in map.

We bet you have questions - here are some answers:

  • How much is a booth?
    Who knows. Our plan is to help you be incredibly successful. We don't have set booth fees. Instead, you'll see us at the end of the day asking you for a donation. If you sold a lot, donate a lot. If you didn't sell squat, don't donate anything and don't complain - the booth was free. Seems fair, right? We're not doing things like anybody else. However, there will be a fee to the City of Lakeport in advance for $10 for their one-day business license if you don't already have a Lakeport business license. We have no control over that. To get a Lakeport business license: click here.

  • What Kind of Booths are Accepted. 
    Our goal is to support our own community first, so we're looking for locally-crafted or sourced products, especially cool and unusual stuff. If you have stuff made in China, maybe we'll see you at another show but not this one. If you're a local artisan or have things made in Lake County, we hope to see you. 

  • Who Decides If We Can Have A Booth
    Tony & Dave, the promoters of the show, will make the final decision. Oh, and there is limited space so if you think you're going to make the cut, apply early. 

  • Can I Sell Food?
    Absolutely! We love to eat and are looking for a few local places to set-up food booths. Also, if you've got something cool or unusual we want that, too, even if you're from far away. We'll work with you to get a permit from our local county health department.  
    Also, look at the times. If you have a great breakfast idea and then something for lunch that can be carried around, this might be a great choice for maximum success. 

  • Anything Else I Should Know?
    Yeah. Our insurance company wants everybody to have a $1,000,000 liability policy. Remember we're in sue-happy California.  

If you dont stand behind our troops stand in front of them!