Lakeside Hot Car and Boat Show - August 18-20, 2017

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Entry for a single vehicle or boat in the Lakeside Hot Car & Boat Show on Saturday, August 19, 2017. 

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This year's show is going to sound better than ever. We've confirmed the Fargo Brothers for Saturday, August 19 performing a great mix of classic rock standards and their own original songs. 

Friday, August 18 there will be a free concert in Library Park featuring the band Decades

Thank you to one and all who attended the Lakeside Car & Boat Show for 2016. With your help we were able to raise over $8,000 for Operation Tango Mike. You were part of making this day an incredible success as well as local officials, volunteers and more. 

We also welcome your input on this show - what did you love, what didn't you love and how are you going to volunteer to help us make it even better!

In the interim, this is a great video about the show shot by Rhythm Matters Studios

Car & Boat photos by Russel Bishop Photography. Pinup photos by Bailey Marie Mayer
Models included Bryona Ashly and ChelleyB

In Summary - Lakeside Car & Boat Show 2016

An estimated 2,000 attendees descended on Lakeport’s Library Park Saturday, August 13 to ogle incredible cars and boats, hear the roar of high-performance engines on the water and raise money for Operation Tango Mike. Over 200 pre-registered attendees celebrated a fund raiser with music in the air and thunder on the water. 

High-performance boat runs on Clear Lake and a salute to veterans at noon Featuring Bob Bartley’s WWII Jeep with its 50 caliber gun were just some of the sounds people enjoyed. But the ring of the cash register was the sweetest sound of all with vendors, donations, raffles, entry fees, sponsors, pin-up photos and beer sales culminating in a donation of over $8,000 to Operation Tango Mike. 

“The City of Lakeport and County of Lake, the Sheriff’s office and Lakeport Police Department have bent over backwards to help make this event happen,” said the co-promoter Tony Barthel. 

The event kicked-off Friday, August 12 with Bicoastal Media’s Concert in the Park featuring the band Decades followed by a number of the high-performance boats firing their engines and shooting blue flames into the night sky. 

Saturday, August 13 the show went on with vehicles lining the streets and boats taking to the water around Library Park. A special lane was designated on Clear Lake coordinated by the Coast Guard Auxiliary allowing these extreme boats to show what they can do. 

Sheriff Brian Martin awarded Dave Kiker’s Nighthawk as the loudest on the Lake while Harlan Orrin came the furthest, traveling from Fallbrook to be in the show. Jason Silva’s Gypsy had the fastest boat at the show traveling a 131 miles per hour. 

The vehicles, too, were breathtaking including so many high-value vehicles that the parking lot on 3rd street was just reserved for these vehicles. But the streets were alive with cars of all vintages from historic vehicles such as a 1924 Dodge Brothers racing car to a modern Tesla and everything in between. 

“The response to this show was incredible and it was a perfect day,” said co-promoter Dave Lakatos. 

The show was a huge community effort with M&K Construction being the largest cash sponsor followed by North Lake Medical Pharmacy’s Bill Kearney along with in-kind sponsors Bicoastal Media, The Lake County Chamber, Sounds Like FUN! DJ Service and the Curbside Car Show Calendar. Raffle prizes came from far and wide and Bailey Marie Mayer donated her photography services for the pin-up photos while Russell Bishop donated his to shoot the cars and boats. 

Our Awesome Sponsors

Incredible Partners

There are so many people to whom we're very grateful for making this event happen including:

  • Brad Rasmussen, Lakeport Chief of Police, and the Lakeport Police Department
  • Brian Martin, Lake County Sheriff, and the deputies who helped with managing the boat course and to the Sheriff for participating in our awards judging 
  • City of Lakeport and their outstanding team for participation as well as waiving fees for using the park
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary in general and Gary Jolley in particular for managing our boat course and keeping things ship shape. 
  • County of Lake team and Lakebed Management Department in particular
  • County of Lake Board of Supervisors for waiving all permitting fees
  • Deb Clarke and Clarke's Collectibles lunchbox museum for the support
  • The Early Lake Lions who stepped in at the last minute and managed beer sales all while donating half the proceeds to Operation Tango Mike while also honoring the wife of one of the members in her celebration of life. 
  • Eddy Martin, our sponsor, who stepped-up and parked the cars and then ran the boat speed demonstrations without missing a beat. 
  • Kelsey Creek Brewing Company for a keg of stout
  • Mill and Barbara Garrett for bringing their jet ski and towing boats in and out of the course
  • O'Meara Brothers Brewing Company for a keg of their blonde
  • Scott DeLeon, Water Resources Manager
  • The Trophy Sponsors who paid to spend their day making very day making very difficult decisions because of the incredible vehicles and boats that participated.
  • The Vendors who invested their time and energies in this event and donated to Operation Tango Mike at the end of the day.